1JZ is alive!


It has been a while since I posted on the site and I apologize. There has been much going on in the car side and life side 🙂 . The ride is coming along great! The car was dyno’d at 375whp @ 16lbs of boost on 91 octane. Numbers arent bad and I recently attended VegasDrift event in July and found the car to be quite responsive! I am currently working to get the car pretty with a new paint job and suspension setup. Here is some pics of the car how it sits right now (unpainted). The setup right now is:

  • Full Dmax type 3 kit
  • Dmax front 40mm fenders
  • Dmax Rear 50mm fenders
  • VIS Dmax rep FRP hood (not in pic, but in possession)
  • Work Equip 01s 18×10-6 18×11.5 -26 on Potenza RE011s

2013-08-08 11.36.33 2013-07-28 22.37.17 2013-07-28 22.39.10 2013-07-29 00.44.51

As you can see the s13 definitely needs some paint and love, but it is coming along great.

P.S. Yes I know…the ride is on monster truck status 🙂 lol

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