Yao’s SR20DET Head work Cont’d

So far everything is going great with the head work. The head is now on and torqued to spec. We went with 90 ft/lbs for each of the head studs.


Everything is looking good, kind of a pain to get some of the bolts for the head studs on because they are underneath the holes for the head studs.


Finally got all the shims and guides put back on including the rocker arms


After that was done the really hard part of putting the cams and cams gears on correctly was up next. Jesse hooked it up big and got everything to the point where the valves arent slapping pistons. Thanks a lot man!


After that was put on, I had to wait for the new parts to come in. I ordered the red samco hoses, intake manifold plenum, new timing chain tensioner gasket, Tomei FRP gauge, and a Stance oversized water pulley


I have been meaning to do the Stance (or Yashio Factory) pulley upgrade for a while now, it is a very cheap and effective upgrade and I suggest it for any drifter. The oversized pulley is 10% bigger then stock, maxing your revs to the water pulley to 6k RPM. This allows your water pump to rotate slower thus creating less bubbles, and a water cooling system without air is optimal.

After that the intake manifold and all wires were hooked back up. Fuel lines reconnected and FPR gauge installed.


Exhaust side put back together and as you can see, the samco hoses look amazing and actually FIT, unlike the stock hoses which were worn and REALLY close to the alternator belt.


As the motor stands right now, I am supposed to be getting tuned in two days. I will post the vids from that tune session. Before that is done though, I had to figure a way to solve the problem of oil being squirt all over my engine bay by my Greddy Oil catch can which was poorly set up by me. So to remedy that situation, I have bought all AN fittings for the catch can and doing a AN tap on the valve cover. Forest Wang over at GetNutz Labs hooked it up on the welds, and is the inspiration on this.




Now the Valve cover is over at powdercoat and should be back today. Going to look amazing, stay tuned for more.


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