Vegas Drift 023 FULL day practice Nov 18th!

Here is a post by VegasDrift  for the 18th of November. Come out and support the Vegas community and drive this event!


Old School style Vegasdrift Practice Day! 8 Hours of drifting Get your cars ready, the weather will be nice and cool. This is the last event of the Vegasdrift Season. 

Beginner Friendly – We have the Clinic/Learning lot 
Intermediate/Advanced w/Tandem on a ProAm Style Course

What – Vegasdrift 023 (Practice event for all skill levels)
When – November 18th 2012 (9:00am – 5:00)
Registration Fee – $100.00

LVMS/PSCA gate entry fee – $25.00

* Instruction Available (must request this at registration check in or at the mandatory drivers meeting)

Vehicles equipped with roll cages w/doorbars are permitted to tandem. However must meet the following requirements.
* A 2.5 lbs Fire Extinguisher mounted with in arms reach.
* No Passengers allowed during tandem practice.

Passenger Ride Alongs :Allowed

All passengers must wear long pants and closed toe shoes and have their own Snell 2000 or better rated helmet. Drivers and passengers must keep their hands inside the vehicle at all times while on the track. Drivers are responsible for the conduct of their passengers. If an unsafe incident occurs due to a passenger distracting the driver or touching the vehicle controls, the driver will be liable for all damages and will be invited to leave.

All Vehicles must pass a Technical/Safety inspection:
Drivers Responsibility to make sure their vehicle is track ready. Please use the Inspection Tech Sheet as a reference of items that we will be looking for during our inspection. Common tech problems that cause vehicles to fail, are cracked windshields, improperly tied down batteries, belted tires, or any type of fluid leaks. Vehicles that fail the tech inspection won’t be allowed to run until the repairs have been verified by the Chief Steward. In the event that a vehicle does not continue to meet LVMS/Vegasdrift Safety/Technical standards through out the day, the Chief Steward will be forced to pit the vehicle. Driver Safety Equipment: All Drivers must wear long pants and closed toe shoes and at least a Snell 2000 rated helmet to participate.

Use this Tech Sheet as a reference as to what else will be required and inspected.

NEW MEMBER! Phillip Simpson

We got a new member for Team Verzus. He was invited on about a month ago and his car is looking amazing. We all need some FD in our lives and he is making it happen. He is out of Arizona at this time, but close friend to Dook-E on our team. We look forward to seeing more on this car and hopefully some drift sessions here in the future.

Welcome to the team Phillip!

Yao’s putting in Work

Hey everyone, recently just picked up on a great deal in Cali for a set of wheels I’ve been looking for for a long time. These are the discontinued JDM Work Equip 01 5 spoke. These are going to really set the car off when it is done and painted soon.

18×10 -6 / 18×11.5 -26

Yao’s 1JZ GTE w/ R154 has come in!

So after a short wait, the 1JZ has finally got to the house and looks awesome. The 1J definitely dwarfs the SR20DET that came in the crate with my motor. Yao is anxious in getting the new motor in the car and has already been on a shopping spree trying to get everything needed to start the motor. The warranty is only for 30 DAYS!, so the race is on to get this thing started. Thankfully, people like Forest and Jesse provide a great source of information on getting this thing up and running. So stay tuned for install and running pics!

Just Drift ToyDrift 2

ToyDrift 2 went off without a hitch and was a amazing event. Fellow Team Verzus member Bomac was out there in full force laying down some awesome lines.

There he is on as the heading picture for their blog write up of the event. The event pulled in a lot of toys for the CHP’s Chips for kids program; a very worthy cause.

If you want to see the full write up click on the picture above!

Pictures by: Paul Lopez /