Yao’s 1JZ GTE Build Continued

So after much shopping for just the right parts at the right price. Most of the engine has been pieced together. Yao’s goal is to make this one of the most legit 1JZ’s in the drift scene.

We started with the tear down of the motor to get rid of the soon to be replaced parts. This included the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, twin turbo setup, old hoses, AC, etc. Having all of this off definitely left the motor looking pretty bare, but it is our goal to fully populate the sides of the motor with great upgrades that will guarantee this motor much power and (most importantly) reliability. As you can see in the picture below, we were left with a box full of parts among other random parts taken off.

One of the first things that must be done when getting a 1JZ motor from Japan is the water pump change out. You need to purchase a 2JZ mechanical water pump and have it installed in the place of the 1JZ hydropump. The 1JZ hydropump is prone to leaking and the 2JZ pump is just better all around (not to mention a whole lot cleaner). So we got a 2JZ pump from and proceeded to take off the whole front side of the motor to get to the water pump. Here are some pics of the water pump replacement.

This is the stock water pump, as you can see very cluttered.

Here is the water pump finally off and the new one that is going to replace it.

Now with the water pump on, it looks way cleaner and not to mention its new, so that’s always good 🙂

After that the next step was to get the motor ready for the new manifold and turbo combo that is going to be ran on this. Yao has already purchased the turbo which is a Borg Warner 7670 T4 Divided with 3″ V Band exhaust turbo from Full Race. Yao has to wait a week or so because instead of the usual 1.22 A/R, he has elected the .86 A/R for faster spooling. This turbo is a little better then a GT30R to get a reference. The exhaust manifold is Yao’s favorite part, it is a Doc Racing’s first 1JZ GTE exhaust manifold made of 304SS metal and some fat beads. The manifold is a top mount T4 twin scroll with dual Tial 44mm MVR wastegates. This thing is definitely on par with a Full Race manifold. It is going to be the last manifold Yao needs to buy. (Pics when it has arrived)

Yao will be running a GodSpeed intake manifold for the time being with a 90mm Q45 throttle body. This manifold is definitely not a direct bolt on manifold. Looking at just the port hole sizes on the flange, you can tell this thing needed some TLC from a machine shop.

Gaskets does not line up with the port holes and will need to be modified. The holes are considerably smaller then the stock manifolds ports as well, which the machine shop will come in. The throttle body flange is very large and will need to be modified to fit a 90mm throttle body. After a couple hundred dollars, this manifold should be ready to rock.

The clutch lines are different between a 240sx and a Cressida, so a clutch line was necessary buy. Yao went with the Chase Bay clutch line kit for the 1JZ conversion and he also went with the Chase Bays fuel line kit to get rid of the stock fuel filter and replace it all with Nylon braided AN fittings and lines.

When doing ANY swap is always a good practice to change out any gasket that you can. So Yao picked up valve cover gasket, front/rear seal, cam seals, and a Thermalgaurd intake manifold gasket. This will all get changed out here in the next few weeks before the motor goes in.

The next issue to tackle was actually mounting this motor to the car. Forest Wang at Get Nutz!! Labs took care of that problem with a custom engine mount brackets. Yao got them and had them powder coated a nice Red to set them off.

The bolt up just fine and look great on the motor.

AN FITTINGS ALL DAY! The goal of this motor is to have every little hose converted to AN fitting, either SS or Nylon braided. So we started with the Oil drain and Oil feed lines to the turbo. The stock motor comes with twin turbo so naturally they’re two oil feed ports on the block. Drift Motion makes a great Oil drain kit for the 1JZ that has a AN port delete for the rear port and – 10 AN fittings and hoses for the drain to the oil pan.

They don’t come premade though 😦 downside but with a little work, the AN fittings were on and tight.

You can sort of see them in this picture, they look great.

With the above picture, you can see the new Drift Motion aluminum pulley set which is a STEAL at around 60$’s.

The SR20 Koyo radiator I recently had was a couple years old and N-Flow radiators recently came out. So Yao decided to sell off the old and grab a new one, it is O’ so pretty.

Parts coming soon:
AEM stand-alone
650 CC Injectors w/ top mount fuel rail
Exedy twin disc clutch kit

So if you are still reading this, you can see there is going to be a lot going into this build to make it legit. We here at Team Verzus take quality of cars, parts, and driving very seriously. Because you can’t have fun if yo car don’t run!!

As Always,
Noblesse Oblige

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