Yao’s 1JZ GTE Build Cont’d

Since the last update, I have got a few parts in; DOC Race manifold, Borg Warner SX200 7670 T4 Divided .83 a/r, Tial 44mm Wastegatesx2, and Godspeed manifold back from the machine shop.

Thanks to some friends and teammates, we got the motor test fitted in the engine bay. Already we noticed some issues we are going to have to overcome i.e wastegate dump pipes, downpipe, and intercooler piping. My welder is a beast, so I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

Soon as we dropped the motor in, we had to test fit the radiator. Good thing we did, because my current electric fans won’t fit, but I know ones that will. If you look at the back, the fitment is awesome. The mounts were from Forest Wang and when he said, “furthest back possible”, he was not lying.

Overall the whole motor looks awesome. I’m just waiting on some parts to get here from DriftMotion and from EDO Performance. (AEM V2, Fuel system, Exedy twin clutch).

Update 6 March 2012

Exedy clutch came in as well as my fuel cell. Got the Summit 10 Gal and the RCI 1 Gal (swirl pot). I have to say I really love the quality that Exedy always puts into their product. I can’t say for sure that this is going to be an awesome clutch because I haven’t drove it yet, but I’m guessing it will be.

Exedy Hyper Twin Metal Clutch Kit

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