Yao’s 1JZ GTE build update

So it has been a little while since I updated everyone on the build. Everything has slowed down a bit, but when it happens, it will be fast. Just waiting for some time to get the rest done, but it will probably take another couple weeks before its done.

Got the Exedy Hyper Twin on the motor and the tranny put on. Also got the motor in the car and when I say tight fit….I mean REALLY tight fit. Had to bang out the fire wall a bit to even get the motor to seat the motor mounts. Had to also cut the shifter hole in the car (expected).

Then I also got a hold of some Tomei Adjustable Cam gears from . They just came out for the 1JZ and they look great. Love the red!

I got my Nismo Power Brace off to Ram Proline for powder coating here in Vegas. They are probably the best powdercoaters I have seen. Super legit colors and very professional work and service. So keep posted for updates on the Team Verzus cars.

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