Some PS13 interior and suspension work

Yao’s S13 has been sitting with pretty crappy interior for the last year or so. So Yao and Gray decided to do a little sprucing up in there and added some stock s13 carpet. We had to shampoo the crap out of the carpet to get out what looked like rootbeer when water was added to the carpet lol! Granted the carpet is older then some people that drift in Vegas, so completely understandable. Looks great in there with the red dash and black carpet.

Also had some extra time after the interior was done. So Yao threw all the suspension back on and it does not have a lack of colors lol.

Gold LCAs, Green Wangles, Green Teins, Bright Green Sikky bar, Black SPL Tension, Orange Z32 brakes, and Red power brace. Yao is trying to confuse the competition with colors I suppose.

When installing the Sikky bar, ran into a little snag. What seems as simple as just turning the bar upside down and reinstalling turned into a pain in the ass. The decal was on upside down and caused us to think that this bar does not fit with the s13 Nismo power brace. Well, it does, but just looks a little wierd now.

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