Yao’s SR20DET Head Repair


During the U-Drift event on Oct. 8th 2011, the 3rd cylinder blew the spark plug out of Yao’s s13 head and took the threading with it. Gray and Yao are going to be taking the head off the motor and get it to a machine shop where the head can be decked and tanked. Possibly will get a 3 angle valve job while the head is off, that might be done as well. Always good to upgrade something if you have it off the car, especially something like the head.


You can’t really see the threads stripped, but you can definitely see where the clip for the coil pack broke strait off the coil pack.


First things first, got to get that intake manifold off the motor and since last weeks incident with fuel flooding the entire intake manifold, I think I have the cleanest manifold in Vegas.


Manifold off, and I looked around the area and make sure I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Looking good so far.


After the manifold came off, we started on getting the cams and cam gears out of the way so we could get to the head bolts. I love my HKS cam gears and cams, makes me wish there was a see through valve cover, so beautiful.


Insides are so clean!


Cams and cam gears are off. All pieces are bagged and tagged and ready to pull the head. Because of my ARP head studs, the head bolts are 13mm star sockets, looks like this is a good stopping point for the night before a trip to autozone is needed.

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