U-Drift Event Oct. 8th 2011

U-Drift night went off without a hitch. A lot of locals came out and showed support as well as the out-of-towners. Team Verzus was out there in full force except for Erik aka Dook-E, which was not able to make it because of family reasons.

Gray was doing great out on the track. He was participating in some 3 car tandems with FD driver Forest Wang and U-Drift guy Garrett Nikolich. Yao was out there with his s13 coupe wearing out some tires and throwing down some good runs, but a problem happened a couple hours into the runs. Cylinder 3 decided to eject the spark plug and strip out the threads on the way out during a run. So there is definitely some work to do to get the motor running well again.

All in all, a amazing turn out and a beautiful night to boot. A lot of drifters came out and did their thing and there definitely was a good atmosphere going on. Thank you U-Drift for being around and letting us drift the hell out of your track. U-Drift is open 7 days a week and more info can be found by going to U-Drift.com . Check em out!

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