Dook’s 240sx – The Beginning of all Things Awesome

Recently picked up a 1JZ-GTE from J-Spec Auto out in Virginia. Really pleased with the quality of the motor/accessories and the fantastic customer service out at J-Spec Auto.

1JZ arrival (600x800)

First thing’s first, HAD to get started on the removal of the TT setup.

photo (1)

photo (5)

photo (6)

Got that all done and realized that there wasnt much more that i could do until i get back from vacation. With the motor at a standstill, we decided it was finally time to rip the ABS system out of the car to make room for the new motor. It never worked anyways and i’ve been meaning to tear it out since i first purchased the car.

photo (2)

photo (3)

Got the unit removed and all of the lines. Replaced the lines with factory Nissan non-ABS hardlines.

photo (4)

Looks so much cleaner with all of that flim-flam out of the way.

photo (7)

More progress to come when i get back from vacation. Stay tuned!

– Dook-E

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