Dook’s 240sx Cont.

Small updates from the past few months. Been pretty busy/lazy so not much has happened.

Started by getting the twin turbos off of the motor.

Then i got to work removing the shitty ABS system to make room for the new power plant.

Decided to also get my calipers powder coated. On my previous cars i always went with gloss black, but this time i felt like doing something that stood out.

Also installed the GKTech extended handbrake levers.

Still waiting on my plethora of parts that i ordered to arrive, so in the meantime i figured i would take care of something that was really bothering me. I was baffled when i got my motor and transmission and saw how shitty the design for the tripod bushings was….

So in an effort to get rid of the sloppy ass feel of the shifter i bought some of these solid bushings and installed them.

No more sloppy shifter! Mission accomplished.

Also, got my subframe all braced up and ready to be re-installed.

Here she is all nice and powder coated with the SPL solid bushings installed.

SPL rear suspension arms that i’ve had for over 2 years finally getting installed.

Everything adjusted and installed. Subframe ready to go back into the car.

Don’t have any pics of it back in the car, but i’m sure everyone knows what that looks like anyways.

Should be picking up all of the parts i ordered from DriftMotion for the 1J build tomorrow, so stay tuned!

– Dook-E

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