Brian Saip Top 8 AGAIN!

Brian Saip did another great job at VegasDrift ProAM Round 2 on March 30 2013 by placing 7th in the round. This is impressive seeing that it is his first season in ProAM. He has been getting a lot of seat time and is making the Team Verzus name proud. He is currently in the top 8 in terms of points for the season and we are very interested how he will do in the next two events. At this pace, he may achieve his Formula D Pro License in his first season (no jinx, knock on wood)!

Round 3 of Vegas Drift ProAM is scheduled currently for June 1st, if you can make it out to support our teammate on his quest to podium, please do!

VegasProam Rd2

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More 1JZ Build action!

More parts are coming in now and the 1JZ build is almost ready to be dropped in the car and tuned. All this time and money is just so we can make Round 2 of Vegasdrift ProAM. Out team hopes to get out there and show what a quality build and preparation can do. No janky parts, not janky tunes, and it will outlast the competition.

The first part we got in was the one we have been waiting for. This manifold is magnificent! Quality welds and it is definitely the last manifold I need to buy. I suggest to anyone that wants to get a manifold for their 1J, 2J, SR20, w/e to go to and pick up a manifold from these guys. The manifold I got is the first 1JZ GTE manifold they have made and we are happy to showcase their work for them.

The manifold is a DOC Race T4 Twin Scroll top mount with dual MVR VBand wastegate pipes. The wastegates I went with was the Dual Tial 44mm MVRs. The MVRs are the new wastegates recently launched by Tial that include new water cooling. This drives down the temperature in the wastegates and allows for better performance.

Ram Proline here in Las Vegas also did a powder coat on my valve covers with a White with red pearl. They came out amazing as they always do from Ram proline. Check them out in Vegas for a quality powder coat and great prices.

Check out the gallery below for the pics.