On the road again…

Finally got the car on the road again. It runs decent, but I’m definitely not used to an S-chassis. We button up the car and met up with some friends to head out to the Wednesday night car meet. So here we are sitting with Forrest Wang’s street S14, Ross Petty’s R34 GT-R front Stagea and Ray’s S13. Hopefully everything is all good for the next VegasDrift practice event on July 13th.



Brian Saip Top 8 AGAIN!

Brian Saip did another great job at VegasDrift ProAM Round 2 on March 30 2013 by placing 7th in the round. This is impressive seeing that it is his first season in ProAM. He has been getting a lot of seat time and is making the Team Verzus name proud. He is currently in the top 8 in terms of points for the season and we are very interested how he will do in the next two events. At this pace, he may achieve his Formula D Pro License in his first season (no jinx, knock on wood)!

Round 3 of Vegas Drift ProAM is scheduled currently for June 1st, if you can make it out to support our teammate on his quest to podium, please do!

VegasProam Rd2

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Dook’s 240sx Cont.

Small updates from the past few months. Been pretty busy/lazy so not much has happened.

Started by getting the twin turbos off of the motor.

Then i got to work removing the shitty ABS system to make room for the new power plant.

Decided to also get my calipers powder coated. On my previous cars i always went with gloss black, but this time i felt like doing something that stood out.

Also installed the GKTech extended handbrake levers.

Still waiting on my plethora of parts that i ordered to arrive, so in the meantime i figured i would take care of something that was really bothering me. I was baffled when i got my motor and transmission and saw how shitty the design for the tripod bushings was….

So in an effort to get rid of the sloppy ass feel of the shifter i bought some of these solid bushings and installed them.

No more sloppy shifter! Mission accomplished.

Also, got my subframe all braced up and ready to be re-installed.

Here she is all nice and powder coated with the SPL solid bushings installed.

SPL rear suspension arms that i’ve had for over 2 years finally getting installed.

Everything adjusted and installed. Subframe ready to go back into the car.

Don’t have any pics of it back in the car, but i’m sure everyone knows what that looks like anyways.

Should be picking up all of the parts i ordered from DriftMotion for the 1J build tomorrow, so stay tuned!

– Dook-E

Brian Saip at VegasDrift ProAM Round 1

Brian Saip did an amazing job today for his first drift competition. He has been preparing a lot for this competition. There has been a few problems with the car that needed to be ironed out. Every drifting knows the pain of building, building, building, and rebuilding a car until it works the way you want it. Even though the baby blue LS1/6 S13 was not performing optimally, Brian still pushed his way to 11th in qualifying and ended up 8th overall. Very good results considering the 40+ drivers and the first time he has competed in a official Formula Drift ProAM competition. We wish you much luck here from your team, and hope you keep up the great work!


Here are some photos from the event.


Brian Saip Round 1 2013 001 Brian Saip Round 1 2013 002 Brian Saip Round 1 2013 003 Brian Saip Round 1 2013 004 Brian Saip Round 1 2013 005 Brian Saip Round 1 2013 006 Brian Saip Round 1 2013 007

Dook’s 240sx – The Beginning of all Things Awesome

Recently picked up a 1JZ-GTE from J-Spec Auto out in Virginia. Really pleased with the quality of the motor/accessories and the fantastic customer service out at J-Spec Auto.

1JZ arrival (600x800)

First thing’s first, HAD to get started on the removal of the TT setup.

photo (1)

photo (5)

photo (6)

Got that all done and realized that there wasnt much more that i could do until i get back from vacation. With the motor at a standstill, we decided it was finally time to rip the ABS system out of the car to make room for the new motor. It never worked anyways and i’ve been meaning to tear it out since i first purchased the car.

photo (2)

photo (3)

Got the unit removed and all of the lines. Replaced the lines with factory Nissan non-ABS hardlines.

photo (4)

Looks so much cleaner with all of that flim-flam out of the way.

photo (7)

More progress to come when i get back from vacation. Stay tuned!

– Dook-E